Microtechs has many years experience providing first line and second line technology support to ISP's, computer hardware manufacturers, media companies and other technology service providers.

Utilising our state-of-the-art contact centre we provide technical helpdesk solutions to customers which range from local IT companies thru to the largest corporate enterprises. Our clients include many international hotel and hospitality brands.

We also offer:

  • Standard call answering and message taking solutions 
  • 24/7 network operations center service (NOC) which monitors and probes networks around the clock, proactively resolving issues when or even before they occur.
  • Bespoke applications support
  • Multilingual services including German, Spanish, French, Polish, Mandarin and Urdu

We have particular knowledge and expertise in working with Wi-Fi, telecoms and broadband suppliers.

Our engineers are highly skilled and capable of supporting a wide range of technologies, for example wireless devices, set-top units, Microsoft network and IT systems.

Microtechs represents your brand with excellent customer service where it matters most.

  • David H, Satellite Internet
    "We transitioned our first line tech support for our entire subscriber base across to Microtechs last year in order to offer a true 24/7 helpdesk service. Since that point, we have been delighted to see a huge reduction in calls unanswered together with a substantial increase in first time fixes and a subsequent dramatic increase in customer satisfaction levels and retention rates. Most noteworthy of all, we have also seen an overall reduction in cost to our business. It’s rare to come across a service that is simultaneously more competent, more comprehensive and less costly – but that is exactly what Microtechs is currently providing to us".
    David H, Satellite Internet