Microtechs have a proven track record supporting Wi-Fi for business and consumer use, providing both first and second line support 24/7. 

Global brands in hospitality, telecommunications, broadcast and Wi-Fi sectors trust us to look after their customers and end users in a friendly and professional manner.

Agents are skilled in the relevant systems and technologies and we are able to provide an expert on the line in seconds to assist and troubleshoot and potential issues.

Our 24/7 technical helpdesk combined with our Network Operations Centre means we are able to proactively idetify and resolve most faults (and potential faults) before they become business critical issues.

All of our services are available with a white labelled wrap around providing an enhanced resource to your brand. We  support three of the world's largest Wi-Fi providers, providing our services under their name and brand.

Microtechs prides itself on our ability to offer support to both end users and technical staff. We constantly monitor call volumes and answering times, adjusting our staffing levels to ensure daily and seasonal fluctuations do not affect service levels.

Our support centre is manned 24/7/365, with 1st and 2nd line staff specifically trained in wi-fi support issues.

Our clients include major airports, hotel chains, restaurant chains, holiday parks and shopping malls, in the US and internationally. 

Manufacturers and distributors of Wi-Fi and other cloud based products also use our helpdesk to provide support direct to their wide range of resellers.